The Company

GreenChip is Globally Minded

Based in Brooklyn, New York and serving both the public and commercial sector GreenChip Electronic Waste Solutions is a globally minded, locally operated E-Waste Recycler. Our capabilities extend to meet the highest standards in EPA recommended methods of electronic waste recycling and data destruction.

GreenChip is dedicated to responsible recycling practices and efficient e-waste management. Our ability to collect, process and de-manufacture unused electronics enables GreenChip to divert hazardous waste and toxins from landfills, protecting the environment.

As a subsidiary of Allocco Recycling Ltd. GreenChip benefits from over 20 years of responsible recycling and waste diversion. Utilizing Advanced Technology for a Greener Tomorrow, Allocco Recycling has expanded operations to focus on the growing challenge of sustainably managing Electronic Waste. Allocco's operational facilities lead the industry in superior material recycling.

What began as a modest trucking company, has today evolved into an industry-leading force in sustainable, responsible, electronics recycling with GreenChip Electronic Waste solutions.