Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

100% Data Destruction Guaranteed.
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When old hard drives or computers are recycled, it is imperative that all information, especially information such as bank accounts, social security numbers, proprietary information and credit information are completely destroyed. The only way to ensure that sensitive information once stored on a drive can never be recovered again is through hard drive shredding.

Hard drive shredding is the complete physical destruction of a hard drive. It is 100% reliably guaranteed to obliterate all information previously stored. Data wiping software, degaussing, crushing or punching the drives can still leave data intact. The efficacy of destroying important information by using these other methods is not as dependable as hard drive shredding is.

Green Chip Recycling's Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Unit fully shreds the physical drives, complying with multi-industry standards and ensuring that any drive will be useful for recycling only.

Green Chip Recycling's Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Unit is a high security hard drive shredding facility on wheels that will travel to and complete all shredding on your premises and guarantees that all information will be protected and unsalvageable.

Green Chip Recycling's Mobile Hard Drive Destruction Unit offers:

  • Immediate physical destruction of unwanted hard drives, laptops and data storage devices
  • Guaranteed secure handling of equipment
  • Auditable Hard Drive Destruction Inventory (a detailed account of the destroyed hardware including make, model and serial numbers)
  • Multi Compliancy: DOD (Department of Defense), PCI (Payment Card Industry) and Hipaa (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to name a few
  • Web cam enabled truck allows you to monitor destruction from the comfort of your desk
  • Secure transport of hardware from office to shredder via locking transportation totes

Protecting Your Company

Green Chip's Mobile Hard Drive Destruction Unit is a state of the art mobile facgit ility. Our shredding capabilities are not limited to hard drives. GreenChip Recycling can destroy any data storage device you have from full laptops to CD's, flash drives, smart phones, PDA's, tapes and any other custom or proprietary devices your company might use.

There are U.S. privacy laws in place that not only require secure data destruction for certain businesses, but go as far as holding senior executives and IT departments accountable for data theft. When you are ready to dispose of your old equipment contact Green Chip Recycling's Mobile Hard Drive Destruction Unit will come to you.