Why Us?

Benefits of GreenChip E-Waste Solutions

  • A Certificate of Recycling will be issued for material recycled through our services, confirming your compliance.
  • Sensitive information on hard drives and other media will be destroyed and A Certificate of Destruction is issued for your records.
  • All whole computer and/or electronic units are processed to EPA standards, with no waste exported to developing countries.
  • Our standards extend to each phase in the recycling process as Audits are done on all vendors that handle hazardous components.
  • We stay focused on protecting our clients and are always proactive in following all up-to-date rules and regulations.
  • We are competitively priced and committed to providing convenient service to our customers.
  • We offer pick-up services that are suited to our Client's needs regardless of industry.
  • Unlike our competitors We recycle all types of electronics, lamps, ballasts, batteries, appliances, and other specialized units regardless of weight or volume.
  • We offer complete chain of custody documentation for all sensitive information and hard drives to be sure all your data destruction is itemized by serial number and documented for your records.
  • With our No Landfill Policy, all of your equipment and component parts will be recycled for maximum reuse, by reusing materials, we conserve energy, resources, and landfill space, while reducing disposal, green house gas emissions.
  • As an R2 / ISO14001 Certified Recycler, GreenChip undergoes rigorous auditing annually to ensure the maintenance of our high standards.
  • Server and Data Center Decommissioning / IT Exclusive Programs

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The only choice for NY E-Waste Solutions

GreenChip knows how critical compliance is for its clients. With the highest standards in place, GreenChip provides certified documentation for data destruction and e-waste recycling.

Eco-Friendly & Secure Material Management

We ensure material collected is properly managed and all data remains securely destroyed, no materials collected by GreenChip Electronic Waste solutions will ever be exported to developing countries.

We Take Any Material Regardless of Weight or Volume

Our electronic waste specialists can assess your needs in meeting regulatory obligations and environmental guidelines. Providing exceptional service, convenient scheduling and courteous electronic waste collection at your location, we also accept any material regardless of weight or volume, ridding you of the burden to provide proper disposal.